At Astris we create kitchens, bathrooms and dressing rooms furniture where balance between product and design fits every single customer, design and decoration lovers. We design and decorate with them, whatever they imagine, to fulfil, with our advice, the construction of their own personalized pieces of furniture.

We prioritize technological quality on the furniture and environment design. We are based on a traditional construction system fully Made in Europe.

We firmly believe on design as the main part of our every day life.Design, useful and exquisite, together with harmony based on decoration, contribute to our well-being. We manage to become our job into a incomparable experience to our customers, who during our 20 years of work have become our accomplices and our best marketing team.

Our values: We are professionals. Constancy, dedication, talent, creativity, learning of our mistakes, and knowing how to listen are our mottos on our way to excellence.

We learn every day. Challenges stimulate us, adaptation and inclusion and, above all, knowing how to smile are distinctive signs of our interpersonal relationships.

Being honest. We are proud of Avantárea being the best ally for constructing singular, special kitchen and bathroom spaces for every single customer. We know they recognize and appreciate this compromise we have conceived and defended in every project we have done.

We offer an added value, we defend our constructive spirit on hour daily routine. Positive attitude, optimism, creativity, imagination. All these things increase our value chain, to which is added the best customer attention and the best effort from everyone at Astris team.